Soderbergh wants to pull a fast one on Hollywood

By Things Around Town on

“Populist Pictures” reads the buzzer to Steven Soderbergh’s Tribeca office. You might easily mistake it as ironic. It’s a grand title for a little nameplate on an otherwise nondescript Manhattan building. But he means it. Four years after dramatically quitting moviemaking, Soderbergh is back Friday with “Logan Lucky.” His hiatus hasn’t been spent toying with a Major Artistic Statement to be showered in Oscar buzz. (He long ago lost his taste for self-serious prestige films.) Nor has he drastically remade himself as a filmmaker. “Logan Lucky” is a heist movie so similar to his “Ocean’s Eleven” films that the more down-and-out West Virginia characters of his caper even refer to their plot as “Ocean’s 7-11.

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