Welcome to the Things Around Town Network!

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Things Around Town is growing! We have recently updated the site design and created network of sites to serve various cities and regions! Visit the first sites in the TAT network: Things Around Town – Main Site – All articles for all areas! Things Around Town – Orlando, Florida Things Around Town – Tampa, Florida …


Jean’s Coastal Art: Buy It or Learn How Make It.

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The ocean has a special beauty that attracts yet can’t be tamed. Surfer girl and artist Jean Roberts has been captivated by the power of Florida’s crashing sea for years. She has harnessed the waves as a champion surfer and collected experiences from island travels. Now Jean expresses her memories and shares them with you …

Disney Cruises by while you enjoy dinner on land

Even Locals Cruise into Baja Tavern and Eats for Waterfront Dining on Port Canaveral

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Baja Tavern and Eats Looking for an excuse to get out of the house and breath in the fresh ocean air, cruise on over to Baja Tavern and Eats at Port Canaveral. Enjoy an amazing selection of fresh seafood and Caribbean flavors from the menu. Meet up with locals and share stories of how the …


Indianapolis, Indiana – Things Around Indianapolis

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     THINGS AROUND TOWN INDIANAPOLIS        WHAT IS INDIANAPOLIS FAMOUS FOR                 BY Sharie Heading Known as ‘Indy’, the city of Indianapolis is the capital of the of Indiana and is America’s 12th largest city.  Indianapolis is best known for its speedway motor racing and the Indianapolis 500, the oldest car race in the …


Central Florida Nights

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“Central Florida Nights” is the flagship show of the Seminole State Planetarium, played more times per year than any other production. Offering a guided tour of the current night sky, it is updated every two weeks to match the slow parade of constellations we see as Earth revolves around the sun. During each show, guests …